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Zari kohan:

I want to know the name and address of this tell


Zari irani:

I am not sure



This a scammer. A suppose "single mother with a 7 y/o daughter" trying to get money. First get friendly and a couple of days later. Her daughter is in the hospital. Then she needs money...



Keeps calling every 10-15 minutes and not leaving message. This number has called me at least 4 times in the past 1hr and 1/2.



Called a half dozen time..."Teddy doing a survey" blocked the call

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Sumbit phone number to Do Not Call Registry

This registry contains telephone numbers and the owners of those numbers that refuse to receive unsolicited calls from telemarketers. You can register your telephone number online at: for United States and at: for Canada.

Get a call blocking application for your cell phone

You can block unknown calls using one of many call blocking apps on Android or IOS. Those apps can block all incoming calls from hidden numbers and also you can put any phone number on the block list. Any calls from such number will never go trough.