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This Number belongs to Rameshkumar Shanmugalingam. He is a rapist and a Player. He use innocent girls for his sex addictions. Be aware that he has STD!

Anonymus 2017-19-08


Warning that IRS had been trying to reach me because they had filed a case against me. It was a recorded female voice.

Anonymus 2017-26-07


This officer name jack smith (indian guy) fake Said he was from the IRS that I was going to get arrested and they were going to take my drivers license away,bank acct and anything in my name away if I didn't pay them $ 8,983.00 . This is so fake I don't know why they can't get these people calling from this number 424-234-5026 when I was going to hang up I told him I was going to call the IRS to report him he said if I did I was going to get arrested!

Anonymus 2017-26-07


This man is a liar, he said he send a parcel to my friend from his countries california United States, he sais to my friend within this 2 day will receive the parcel he send inside the parcel got many expensive thing (example : gold , jewellry and others) and a brown envelope inside got money . the money want send to her to tidy up herself. after 2 day thee courier company agent call my friend the parcel overweight need to make payment after will send the parcel to my friend . my friend so clever feel so suspicious and call back the courier agent the agent said they company name is ITS courier but they give my friend the account number for bank in is a malaysia guy account . i writting this is want to warn other people please be carefully dont belief this number of the guy.
lucky my friend didnt bank in him. Hope this liar to catch the jail?

S 2017-21-07


This number has sent a SMS at 2:30 a.m.pretending to be Bank of Montreal and urging me to reply using a URL that is NOT BMO, this is a SCAM!

Anonymus 2017-18-07

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